G-ST profile gaskets

rubber steel gasket

G-ST profile gaskets for steel flanges

Kroll & Ziller is your supplier for G-ST profile gaskets. These can be freely selected from our various elastomers such as EPDM EL, NBR-DUO-EL, CSM and many other elastomers. The use of the profile gaskets is diverse – from water and gas supply, fire protection and the chemical industry to mining the G-ST-P keeps things tight.

The additional profile not only provides better sealing properties, but also ensures reliable sealing performance at lower tightening torques. In addition, the profile can compensate to a certain extent for unevenness and damage to the gasket surfaces, misalignment of the flange leaves or gap dimensions.

In the G-ST-P/S, the s stands for steel. This rubber profile gasket is designed for use between steel flanges. The dimensions do not fit? No problem either, our G-ST-P / OE can be freely dimensioned according to customer requirements.

Your advantages when using profile gaskets


Tight with small screw tightening torques


Compensation of surface defects


Flange and screws can be designed weaker


Service life of plastic flange connections is significantly higher (consideration of creep behavior)


Angular deviations can be compensated more easily compared to simple flat gaskets


Turnings for toroidal sealing rings, grooves or offsets on the flange can be omitted


Profile gasket is available in different dimensions according to various standards, e.g. DIN EN 1514-1, DIN 2690, ASME-B 16.21, for VCI vessel flanges and many others.

Technical informationen



DN15 to DN2000




Material inlay

Steel: (S235JR), Various stainless steels (1.4301, 1.4571) and others on request



Based on DIN EN 1514-1 & DIN 2690

Innovative profile gaskets for reliable applications

The crowned G-ST base body of the profile gasket is combined with an “O-ring”. The toroidal sealing ring, as the optimum static sealing element, performs almost impossible tasks even without cost-intensive torquing on the flange. High surface pressures transmitted in the force main flow are absorbed by the stiff crowned profile gasket. The corrosion-protected vulcanized flat steel ring also effortlessly absorbs the required test pressure.

Profile gaskets for low surface pressures

The round sealing ring, which is located in the power bypass, nestles ideally against the sealing surfaces even at low surface pressures. Uneven surfaces and grooves, even slight misalignments are compensated. In this way, the profile gasket not only ensures material-friendly installation with low tightening torques, but also a previously unattainable level of operational reliability. Once inserted – tight!

Are you looking for the perfect profile gasket? We have the solution!

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