G-ST-P / Force Shunt Hybrid Gasket

G-ST-P hybrid gasket by Kroll & Ziller

The G-ST-P Hybrid is a “universal hybrid gasket” that combines the advantages of the rubber-steel gasket with an asbestos-free seal/fibre gasket.

The flexible rubber profile seals reliably at low surface pressures and is protected from over-pressing by a combination of stainless steel support ring and fiber seal with a slightly thinner cross-section.

The asbestos-free gasket in the external area, which consists of our NBR-DUO-Aramid material and is attached to a stainless steel support ring, absorbs large surface pressures and acts as a second sealing barrier.

Your benefits when using the G-ST-P Hybrid gasket


Large selection of materials for high pressures (up to 100 bar)


Various non-asbestos sealing materials available


Various rubber materials available


Individual dimensions possible


Also available as Full Face (FF).

G-ST-P Hybrid gasket cross section/drawing

Technical informationen



DN15 to DN400

DN450 to DN4000


DN15 – DN400: NR, NBR, HNBR, EPDM, CR, CSM, Silicon

DN450 – DN4000 (+): NBR, EPDM, FKM, Silicon


DIN EN 1514-1, DIN 2690, ASME B16.21 & special dimensions



TA-Luft; Potable Water (W270, EL, WRAS); DIN 3535-6 (DVGW, SVGW); DIN 30653, 1 bar (former VP401); EC 1935/2004 (Food certifi cation) & more

Delivery program rubber-steel flange gaskets


G-ST-P / S

rubber steel gasket black

G-ST-P / K




G-ST-P / Force Shunt Hybrid Gasket


Are you looking for the perfect rubber-steel gasket for your application? We have the solution!

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In our product catalog you will find the complete range of rubber-steel gaskets.

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Variants of rubber-steel flange gaskets

Various elastomers are available for our rubber-steel flange gaskets:

NBR-DUO-EL (Acrylonitrile butadiene rubber)

With approval for drinking water and gas supply in accordance with the applicable standards and regulations.


With approvals for drinking water in accordance with DIN-EN-681-1, as well as other requirements in the automotive industry through to power plant and air conditioning technology.

EPDM(Etyhlen Propylene Diene Rubber)

Thanks to its excellent chemical resistance and good strength values, EPDM is used in almost all areas – from vehicle construction and the building industry to conveyor belts, industrial hoses and flexible piping.

HNBR (Hydrogenated acrylonitrile butadiene rubber)

Due to the very good aging resistance and mechanical strength, this material is particularly suitable for use at high temperatures and mechanical loads.

CSM (Chlorosulfonated polyethylene)

The chlorine in the CSM provides good flame retardancy and mineral oil resistance. Furthermore, CSM is characterized by good chemical resistance.

CR (Chloroprene rubber)

This material is used in particular where high resistance to oils, greases, low temperatures, embrittlement and the effects of weather and ozone are required.

IIR (Butyl rubber)

Very low gas permeability (air, water vapor and other gases), good resistance to heat, ozone, oxygen and chemicals give this material good sealing properties.

FKM (Fluororubber)

Especially when high resistance to chemicals and high/low temperatures is required, FKM is the first choice. In vacuum applications, FKM ensures best results due to its good gas density.

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