Manufacturing – gaskets for pipeline construction

For more than 80 years, Kroll & Ziller has been manufacturing gaskets for pipeline construction and is your solution partner for all sealing applications.

The manufacturing process for gaskets for pipeline construction

With a large production area, modern machinery and over 690,000 gaskets in stock, Kroll & Ziller produces its rubber-steel flange gaskets in Hilden, North Rhine-Westphalia.

Research and development at the site in Germany, technical support and personal contacts round off the range of services.



In the field of sealing technology and pipeline construction, Kroll & Ziller manufactures industrial gaskets such as rubber-steel gaskets, flat gaskets,profile gaskets, wedge rings and O-rings.

Production of own rubber compounds

Production of the specially developed Kroll and Ziller rubber compound by mixing, rolling, calendering and granulating. What remains at the end is a granulate that can be ideally further processed by our process technology.

Production of the inserts

Production of inserts from various materials using CNC laser cutting technology. Larger diameters are welded afterwards. In a further process, the inserts are prepared for the vulcanization process by priming and covering. This is necessary to create a good as well as inseparable bond between the elastomer (rubber) and the metal insert.

production stainless steel inserts for rubber steel gaskets


The produced pellets are shaped by the extruder, the insert is placed directly into the raw rubber mixture. The gasket blank is ready.


Kroll und Ziller has a huge stock of molds in which all possible standard dimensions of various standards are available. The blank including the insert is placed in such a mold and vulcanized by our vulcanizing presses at a coordinated temperature and pressure. This is how natural rubber becomes rubber.

Large Stock & Optimal Delivery Capacity

A large and well-stocked warehouse is the guarantor of fast delivery. The logistics department with its own joinery packs and ships all over the world.