Gaskets for the chemical and petrochemical industry

Gasket technology for the chemical and petrochemical industry

The chemical industry, with its multitude of different media, temperatures and application scenarios, places special demands on the gaskets used.

Chemical-resistant gaskets are always used when gases are or fluids need to be contained, transferred or isolated. The chemical and petrochemical industries mostly require elastomer gaskets and components that can withstand a variety of aggressive media as well as extreme temperatures and pressures.

Kroll & Ziller offers gasket solutions for almost all applications in the chemical and petrochemical industries with its various gasket types and materials for almost all applications.

Chemical resistant gaskets

Kroll & Ziller’s range includes a wide selection of gasket solutions for the chemical and petrochemical industries:


Alkalis, acids and various chemicals


Vacuum applications


Salt water, industrial water, drinking water and distilled water


Steam and condensate


Powder and other bulk materials


Solvents and adhesives


Fuels, lubricants, oil and other hydrocarbons


Special designs, also for extreme sizes (apparatus and containers)

Are you looking for the perfect gasket for chemical and petrochemical applications? We have the solution!

Rubber-Steel Gaskets for Chemical and Petrochemical Industry

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gummi stahl dichtung schwarz


gummi stahl dichtung kraftnebenschluss


gummi stahl dichtung grün


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