G-ST-P / ISO Gaskets

G-ST-P / ISO Gaskets made of electrically insulating materials

The G-ST-P/ISO is our specialist when it comes to preventing corrosion. When different flange materials are paired, for example steel flange and stainless steel flange, electrochemical corrosion can occur. To prevent the formation of a galvanic element, these materials must be electrically separated from each other.

The G-ST-P/ISO gasket set is used here. The design corresponds to our
G-ST-P/KN, but differs in the choice of materials. Instead of steel or stainless steel, electrically insulating materials such as PP/PE, UPGM 203 or EP GC 203 are used here, combined with a sealing lip made of one of our elastomers.

The gasket set also includes the screw bolt insulation. This is composed of an insulating hose consisting of coated glass fabric hose (Mylar/Glasseide) and insulating washers made of EP GC 203.

Your advantages when using ISO gaskets


Use as galvanic separator


Prevention of electrochemical corrosion


Elastomer and material of the insert freely selectable


Blow-out safety and maximum stability due to the support ring, which also acts as an insulator


Optimum handling when installing the gasket

Technical informationen



Dimensionable as IBC or full face version



Support ring: UPGM 203, PP/PE or EPGC 203

Sealing lip: NBR-DUO-EL, silicone and others


Special feature

Anti-corrosion gasket for reliable galvanic isolation

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You can find our complete delivery program of rubber-steel seals in our product catalog.

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