Gaskets for fire protection and house connection






Fire protection gaskets and gaskets for the house connection

In areas where special requirements are placed on fire protection, fire protection seals must be provided with non-flammable and smoke-tight jackets. Sealing solutions that are used in gas stations, house gas connections, pressure regulators and gas meters as well as fire extinguishing systems are subject to increased requirements.






Fire protection gaskets for high thermal load

The Kroll & Ziller G-ST/HTB is tested at 650 °C under high thermal load. The G-ST / HTB is certified according to DIN EN 30653 for screw connections and flanges in connection with gas meters and pressure regulators as well as flange connections in gas installations.

The seal consists of a galvanized support ring on which a graphite layer is applied on both sides, which ensures the tightness of the pipeline in the event of fire. The excellent sealing performance is ensured by the internal NBR profile.


Are you looking for the perfect fire protection seal? We are your solution partner!

Gaskets for fire protection and house connections

rubber steel gasket

Comb profile gaskets

gummi stahl dichtung für höhere thermische belastung


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