Technical-physical laboratory

Flawless test and measurement procedures with certified quality according to DIN ISO 9001:2015.

Testing, measurement and quality control for elastomers and gaskets

State-of-the-art measuring and testing procedures form the basis for reliable quality assurance and the flawless product quality of our gaskets.

With certified quality according to DIN ISO 9001:2015, we carry out all tests in our in-house laboratory. As a result, our entire manufacturing process benefits from flexibility and speed. Supplemented by the competence, routine and many years of experience of our laboratory team, the gaskets from Kroll & Ziller stand for the highest quality ”Made In Germany.”

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Our tests

Rheometer (Calibrated)

Rheological testing of rubber compounds produced in-house as well as incoming tests of foreign compounds

Abrasive machine

Determination of volume abrasion for production monitoring and testing of third-party samples


Determination of the elastomer base

The following are tested: Shore hardness, density, rebound resilience, tear propagation resistance, elongation at break, breaking strength, DVR, volume abrasion.

Laboratory roller

Preparation of laboratory mixture for further development and substitution of substances

Laboratory agitator

Production of small quantities for the further development of mixtures

Climate cabinet

Simulation of minus and plus temperatures



Annealing furnace

Annealing of mixtures and DVR (compression set) tests

Laboratory press

Creation of samples for production monitoring and approvals

Universal testing machine (Calibrated)

Breaking strength, elongation at break, tear resistance, release testing of adhesives (peel test), conveyor belt testing

Technical support of sales and production

Strip sample testing on behalf of customers, documentation of production and preparation of test certificates as well as failure analysis

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We attach great importance to research and development in order to continue to successfully drive innovations in the future.

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Our consistent quality management ensures the highest quality “Made In Germany”.

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Besprechung Team Zusammenarbeit

Technical support

Whether you need advice, calculation of tightening torques or gasket design – our team is at your side.

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