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Rubber-steel flange gaskets and sealing rings for secure sealing of flange connections in pipeline construction.

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You will find the complete range of rubber-steel gaskets in our product catalog.

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Rubber-steel flange gaskets for optimum flange connections


Flanges connect pipe sections to each other and are used in numerous applications such as water supply, the chemical industry, food technology, mining and natural gas pipelines. But also devices, fittings and measuring instruments with larger nominal diameters are connected to the pipes by flanges. Rubber-steel flange gaskets withstand the highest stresses and, as sealing rings, ensure the secure sealing of flange connections in plants and in pipeline construction.

Rubber-steel flange gaskets consist of a steel ring vulcanized into an elastomeric material (e.g. NBR or EPDM). Vulcanization achieves tremendous adhesion between the steel insert and the rubber cover, so that the rubber-steel flange gaskets remain tight even under extreme conditions and displacement or detachment is impossible.

Various elastomers can be selected for rubber-steel flange gaskets and sealing rings. Which elastomer is the right one for the sealing ring depends on the respective application and the corresponding requirements for media resistance. All rubber-steel flange gaskets from Kroll & Ziller are manufactured in accordance with DIN EN 1514-1 and DIN 2590.


Advantages of rubber-steel flange connections from Kroll & Ziller

  • The shifting or pushing out of the sealing ring through the steel insert is not possible
  • Sealing rings with the highest tightness thanks to homogeneous rubber coating
  • The sealing rings are also suitable for piping systems with environmentally hazardous media
  • The rubber-steel flange gaskets ensure safe, simple, as well as cost-effective assembly thanks to the dimensional stability
  • All common sizes of sealing rings are available from stock

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