Rubber-steel gasket materials

Variants of rubber-steel gaskets

Our rubber-steel gaskets and industrial gaskets are available in different materials and so various elastomers are available:


(Acrylonitrile butadiene rubber)

NBR-DUO-EL certified for drinking water and gas supply in accordance with the applicable standards and regulations.


With certification for drinking water according to DIN-EN-681-1, as well as further requirements in the automotive industry up to power plant and air conditioning technology.


(Ethylene propylene diene rubber)

Thanks to its excellent chemical resistance and good strength values, EPDM is used in almost all areas – from vehicle construction and the building industry to conveyor belts, industrial hoses and flexible piping.


(Hydrogenatedacrylonitrile butadiene rubber)

Due to the very good aging resistance and mechanical strength, this material is particularly suitable for use at high temperatures and mechanical loads.


(Chlorosulfonated polyethylene)

The chlorine in the CSM provides good flame retardancy and mineral oil resistance. Furthermore, CSM is characterized by good chemical resistance.



This material is used in particular where high resistance to oils, greases, low temperatures, embrittlement and the effects of weather and ozone are required.



Especially when high resistance to chemicals and high/low temperatures is required, FKM is the first choice. In vacuum applications, FKM ensures best results due to its good gas density.

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You will find the complete range of rubber-steel gaskets in our product catalog.

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